What to do after becoming a tbc member?

Let me warmly welcome you to the billion coin. You are sure on your way to become a millionaire or Billionaire

As a new member, immediate daily cash flow is available to you. As a brand new member YOU have received a gift of 25,000 Cookies which is redeemable for 250 Kringle coins in January 2019. Cookies are like points and are NOT spendable with participating member merchants but Kringles are and the value of them only goes up as our community grows. January is almost gone, isn’t it?

Did you know that 250 Kringle coins are worth more than 1 oz of gold? To be clear, TBC/Kringle coins are not backed by gold, we use grains of gold to measure the value of our private membership and community. I hope YOU understand how valuable the gift is that YOU received.

The gift is the introductory offer of the Distribution Phase we are in right now and Cookie Rewards is the system we use to move coins from the Admin wallet to the wallets of members like YOU based on certain achievements, until the Admin wallet runs out of coins.

The 1st achievement YOU should pursue is the 24 hour Rapid Reward to earn 10,000,000 Cookies. Now 10,000,000 Cookies is much more than the gift of 25,000 Cookies, wouldn’t YOU agree? There is a small Admin fee that YOU need to take care of right away after you signed up (Which you have paid). Once we have confirmed that you are a PAID member, then we want to encourage YOU to beat the 24 hour timer YOU will see in your Kringle Cash back office by getting two others to become PAID members too.

Then help those two each get two each, for a total of 4 below them to also become PAID members within the allotted 48 hours given to receive the Rapid Reward of 100,000,000 Cookies. Both of these achievements combined will get you enough Cookies to redeem in January to become a Millionaire. Do YOU want to become a Millionaire in January of 2019? I’m sure YOU do! But so far I haven’t got to the part that puts cash in YOUR pocket.

Each Member is encouraged to complete a transaction with their sponsor for the equivalent of 40 grains of gold to receive the Cookie Reward for completing that task. 40 grains of gold is a pretty small amount and you can go HERE to see what the value is.

This will put cash in the pocket of your sponsor; 100% of it will go to your sponsor if they provide YOU the Kringles in return! After completing the Rapid Rewards within the allotted times YOU will have two new members that YOU sponsored. But you don’t have enough Kringles yet to receive 100% of those transactions YOU will do with them. Instead, YOU will Partner with a member that does, like Me, YOUR sponsor.

I will give YOU a 50% commission on each of them immediately and that will put cash in YOUR pocket. 50% adds up quickly as daily cash flow to YOU as you continue passing out the gift to everyone connected to YOU.

To pay for your 40 grains (N40,000), send a mail to gokejire@gmail.com or call 08055243987.

Together we shall succeed.