Welcome to my TBC Partnership Programme.
What To Consider To be My Partner

1. You must comply with the TBC Membership Agreement
2. You must be familiar with The Billion Coin Website specifically the Formula page and the Blog
3. You must review the TBC Purpose, Mission Statement and Disclaimer blog posts.
4. You must have Kringle Cash Account. Then

Why Partner With Me?

1. I have plenty OF TBC to supply!
2. I am a TBC Trusted Seller with a send button.
3. If your intention is to earn money with TBC, as early as today, then you want to partner with someone who can supply you with TBC to sell to family & friends, without tapping in to your own immature TBC reserves.
4. Promote TBC to family & friends with the Kringle Cash gifting system, and whenever anyone decides they want more TBC over and above the gift, then conveniently refer them to to purchase. You will earn 50% commission on whatever amount your referrals purchase.


* Fill the form below and click on submit button. After Review of your form, you will be notified through the e-mail address supplied during registration the status of your registration.
* Direct your referrals to to purchase TBC and BE SURE they reference your name and email address when filling in the "TBC Purchase Form".
*Submit the Commission Request Form after your referral has made their TBC purchase to receive your 50% commission.
Thanks for your interest in partnering with me.
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