The Billion Coin Compare to Multi-level Marketing

Many TBC Members seem to be concerned about their incentive to share The Billion coin and their reward to recruit new members into The Billion Coin community. Guys, this is not MLM or another “dime-a-dozen business opportunity.” This is a crypto-currency and a new alternative to Bitcoin, but without all of the pricing volatility. Yes,… Read More »

The Billion Coin Wallet: How to Set it Up

The billion coin wallet is the digital version of your bank account. And I will show you a step-by-step procedure to open it. Just like every other financial opportunity, tbc is not an exception. So you are advised to read this disclaimer How do you Register for The Billion Coin Wallet? Follow the following step-by-step… Read More »

TBC Wallet: How does The Billion Coin Wallet Work?

A tbc wallet is where your tbc digital money is being kept. When you register to join tbc community from website, you are automatically signed up for a tbc wallet too. Your tbc wallet holds you kringles or tbc and after registration on kringle cash website, you will have to confirm your registration from… Read More »

The Billion Coin Exchanger: Do we need it?

Do we really need the billion coin exchanger? Who will benefit from this and who is getting rich in the “Markets?” Very few! Why is that? Because most have no idea how to navigate the “Markets” successfully, right? Who benefits from a Crypto-currency that is traded on an “Exchange?” The people that own the “Exchange”… Read More »

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy ‘The Official Web Site’ is committed to protecting the privacy of its visitors. The policy statement provides our visitors with an overview of the measures we have taken to show our commitment to this policy. Personal Information We collect the personal data that you volunteer on forms which you submit to us… Read More »

Cryptocurrency in Nigeria

Nowadays people don’t trust any online opportunity to get rich, because many of such offers are scams, that a case with tbc cryptocurrency in Nigeria. And I respect your sentiment about it. But sometime, if you close you eyes for bad people to pass, you will still be slumbering while the good ones pass you… Read More »

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