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Step by Step procedure to Pay TBC Wallet Fee

Now that you have join the TBC community, the next thing is how to grow financially with the system and the first thing is to pay your TBC Wallet fee. Login Here to your Kringle Cash Back Office You might be asking what the tbc wallet fee for? It is the annual $10 fee to… Read More »

How to Register for Recharge and Get Paid

Once you have make up your mind on which of the package you want to register for, follow the following steps to register. Click here to see the various packages. 1.Click Here to startNote: In the referral In the Referral ID, enter gokejire 2. On the page that displays as shown above fill in all… Read More »

Different RAGP Packages

1.BASIC Registration Fee: N5,000.00 Bonus: N1,000.00 instant earning is deposited into your e-wallet. Level of earning: You earn up to level 5 Point Value given: 20PV 2. BRONZE Registration Fee: N10,000.00 Bonus: N2,000.00 instant earning is deposited into your e-wallet. Level of earning: You earn up to level 6 Point Value given: 40PV 3. SILVER… Read More »

Recharge And Get Paid Business Model

Recharge And Get Paid Hello and you are most Welcome to Recharge And Get Paid Business Model. RAGP is a business model that makes it possible for people who is looking for alternative way of making Money legitimately.   Have you ever wondered why Banks use every available marketing strategy to ask you to recharge… Read More »

Elementor #256

the highest quality lens in the world Thanks to a superior sensors, your photos will instantly look better. Our unique technology lets you capture nature as it really looks like. 18-135mm Zoom 72mm Filter size buy now For more detailes visit our website: Iphone compatible Suspen disse males uada feugiat felis vel dignissim. Proin porta ultricies… Read More »

Who is the Owner of The Billion Coin

Some persist in asking:  Who is the Creator of THE BILLION COIN?  The answer is not that simple because the creation of THE BILLION COIN is a result of a team effort.  So collectively the team has chosen to refer to the Creator of THE BILLION COIN as Kris Kringle.  Certainly the spirit of THEBILLIONCOIN… Read More »

What is the Billion Coin Agreement?

What is the billion coin Agreement? One of the reasons why TBC is called THEBILLIONCOIN is because the Ultimate Price maxes out at one billion Euros per TBC coin. So, that means anyone holding onto even just one TBC coin could become a Billionaire, someday. At this time, the Current Price of TBC is a… Read More »

1 TBC to Naira

You want to know what is the value of 1 tbc to Naira? TBC, as you know is not a market cap coin, the value of TBC is dependent on the number of member. So the value increases every day, and it will continue like that until it reaches its ultimate price of 1 billion… Read More »

Thebillioncoin Wallet

Thebillioncoin wallet is the digital version of your bank account. And I will show you a step-by-step procedure to open it. Just like every other financial opportunity, tbc is not an exception. So you are advised to read this disclaimer How do you Register for Thebillioncoin Wallet? Follow the following step-by-step procedure to register for… Read More »