Step by Step procedure to Pay TBC Wallet Fee

By | January 23, 2019

Now that you have join the TBC community, the next thing is how to grow financially with the system and the first thing is to pay your TBC Wallet fee.

Login Here to your Kringle Cash Back Office

You might be asking what the tbc wallet fee for? It is the annual $10 fee to have access to your Kringle Cash Back Office. It also covers your $10 Lifetime Wallet fee–which is way cheaper than paying per transaction forever!  as the case with other crypto-curreny. That’s a two for one DEAL!

How Do You Pay Your $10 TBC Wallet Fee?

Paying for your tbc wallet fee can be done in various ways. You can pay using Master card, Bitcoin , Litecoin etc.

After login to you Kringle Cash Back Office (KCBO) Here, click on Account and from the drop down menu, select Your Account.

tbc wallet fee

Then scroll down and select any method of payment you want.

If you do not receive a payment confirmation email, check your PAID status above.

If it shows Paid there is no need to contact support. But if it does not show Paid, contact us using the link to the Payment Support Form and we’ll check payment history and correct your status.

If you are overwhelm by the process, I can help you out.

If you need my service, call 08055243987 or send an email to

Are you yet to join tbc? Hurry and Join The Billion Coin (TBC) Today!

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