Recharge And Get Paid

Hello and you are most Welcome to Recharge And Get Paid Business Model.
RAGP is a business model that makes it possible for people who is looking for alternative way of making Money legitimately.


Have you ever wondered why Banks use every available marketing strategy to ask you to recharge your phones?


When you open their apps, a link is there staring at you to click to recharge your mobile phones. At ATM machine you will be prompted with “DO YOU WANT TO RECHARGE?”  message before you remove your card.


Banks, as we know them to be, are into business to maximize profit and they will never venture into anything that will not profit them. The truth is that each time you recharge your phone either from ATM machine or apps, banks are making money out of you.


This same VTU that banks are using to raking in Million of Naira is what I am introducing to you.
The business I am introducing to you is a viable one. The viability is so sure that whoever venture into it diligently will be financially uplifted.


So you are welcome to Recharge And Get Paid for the year 2019.

What  does that mean is that when you buy airtime or data for your personal use or you sell the same to others, you get paid 2% and 10% of amount of airtime and data respectively.


How much is 2% of airtime of N100? That is question that usually crept into one mind. But do you know that little by little, drops of water makes an ocean. Recharge and Get Paid is an open-cheque sort of business. How much you write on the cheque depends on your efforts in marketing.


Here is a link on how to do marketing

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Is Recharge And Get Paid Business Model A Viable One?

The viability of any business depends on some factors, among which are:


Market base: It is a known fact that the market base
of Telecom industry in Nigeria is grater or equal to the number of
people owing handset. And remember most people in Nigeria have two or
more handsets . According to NCC report,
the number of subscribers as at Nov. 2018 is 169,104,830 subscribers. 
That number represents the number of prospective buyer of this
commodity. So there is a strong and ever-increasing market base for this
business model and its viability is certain.



Availability of Product/Merchandise: What are we talking here is how readily available are these products: MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9Mobile. They are readily available at any given time with RAGP platform. The quantity you get depends on the fund available to you. So Recharge and Get Paid Biz Model is viable.

Usability: For the fact that you are reading this post makes you one of the users of this product. There are people who prefer going hungry to not having airtime or data in their handsets. That shows the potential of this business model. What you need is just to take advantage of this situation and convert it to monetary equivalent by selling this essential commodity to the readily available users/customers.

Sustainability: Another factor that makes Recharge and Get Paid a viable business model is its sustainability. We only witnessed the inception of GSM industry, but its end is not anywhere in sight. Therefore you are going to be in business for as long as you want. Show me how to be a registered member

How Can I make Money With Recharge And Get Paid?

There are different ways by which you can generate money with RAGP platform.

There are other numerous benefits you enjoy apart from the above mentioned



These and more are the benefits you stand to gain when you join RAGP. Remember indecision and procrastination are two sides of a coin and the aim is to make the observant a ‘FAILURE ’. 


So take a decision today and don’t wait for a “PERFECT TIME”. There is no perfect time. Your perfect time is NOW! Join Recharge and Get Paid Now and be financially free.

How Do I join RAGP?

There are different packages from where you can choose from. The listed below are the various packages with their registration fees:









Once you have decided on which package that suits you click Here to Register for Recharge and Get paid


Then follow the following steps to register


Note: In the Space for Referral ID, put gokejire


1.Personal Data:

Enter you First Name, Your Last Name, e-mail address and your phone. Please make sure you use a functional email address.


2. Login Detail

Provide your username and password. Your username is must be a single word . No Space between username eg ‘yearofsuccess‘ not ‘year of success‘.


3. Bank Details.

This is where your earning will be withdrawn to. Select you bank, select the plan of package you want to start with eg, BAISC, BRONZE, GOLD etc, select your account type (saving/current), enter your Account number and account name in the spaces provided. Check the term and privacy policy, then click on REGISTER button.


Remember, the referral ID to use is gokejire

How Do I make Payment?

After you have successfully register for RAGP, make payment using any of the methods below for account activation.


1.Bank Deposit

Pay into any of the authorised company account listed below:

Bank: Diamond Bank 

Account name : Recharge & Get Paid Ltd

Account Number : 0068623787

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Account name : Recharge & Get Paid Ltd

Account Number : 1014812771


2. Transfer

Make a transfer from your mobile app to any of the above bank details


* For cash deposit, use your username as depositor or For transfer, please transfer from your own account to us

* USSD, Quickteller and ATM are not allowed for transfer to us

*Name of the depositor or account should tally with the name on your account profile

* Write your full name on the depositor slip for cash deposit ( Example: John James, not John)

* Response time is within 24hrs for activation and wallet funding.

What to do after Successful payment deposit or mobile app transfer

1. Call/Whatsapp the customer care number on the following phone numbers :

Phone +234 8182098378, +234 803 722 1858

Land Line +234 811 689 8208 (Calls only)


2. Preferably, send an email to


The content of you message should follow the following format:


1. Name of depositor (For cash deposit, use your username as depositor) or For transfer, please transfer from your own account to us)
2. Username :
3. Bank paid to:
4. Amount:
5. Date of Payment:
6. Purpose of payment: Activation or Wallet Funding
7. Method of payment e.g USSD, cash deposit, online transfer etc