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By | May 6, 2018

Thebillioncoin wallet is the digital version of your bank account. And I will show you a step-by-step procedure to open it.

Just like every other financial opportunity, tbc is not an exception. So you are advised to read this disclaimer

How do you Register for Thebillioncoin Wallet?

Follow the following step-by-step procedure to register for the billion coin wallet:

Click on the link Register Now. This will take you to a kringle cash site and a page similar to the diagram below opens up:

the billion coin wallet

Click on the green button as indicated by the arrow. A page similar to the one above shows up. Here a you are presented with what you can achieve by register for tbc, and to continue, click on the green button that reads “Give Me My Gift Now”

Another page appears. Here you have two buttons: The red one is “Wait I Want More Info”. Click on this to visit the billion coin official site and find out more about tbc. The second button is “Let’s Go to Step One”. Click on this to fill in a simple form with you name, email address and other items. The form looks as shown bellow:

the billion coin wallet 1

Fill in your name, the username that will show on your kringle cash office back office.

Other fields to fill are:

Email address: According to the tbc admin, some email providers are not allowed to be used eg,,, sometime defers the confirmation message from tbc. Use instead

Country: Select your country where you are registering from.

Password: Enter your password and re-enter to confirm. This is the password that you will use to access your Kringle cash and back office.

After filling all these field, click on submit button.

To confirm your registration, login to your email address and you will receive two messages from tbc admin:

the billion coin wallet 2

Click on the first one to confirm your tbc registration by clicking on “Click here to activate your Account”. Then, wait until you receive a message that your account has been activated.

Click on the second link to activate the billion coin wallet. Copy the default password from the message to log in. You will provide an answer to a secret question. Take note of your answer because you will need it every time you want to login into the billion coin wallet. Once inside your wallet, you can change your password by clicking on profile and reset your password. To see the inside of the billion coin wallet, click HERE

Also you can read more about tbc by clicking on this link

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