TBC Wallet: How does The Billion Coin Wallet Work?

By | May 3, 2018

A tbc wallet is where your tbc digital money is being kept. When you register to join tbc community from Kringle.cash website, you are automatically signed up for a tbc wallet too.

Your tbc wallet holds you kringles or tbc and after registration on kringle cash website, you will have to confirm your registration from your email address before you have full access to it. From that mail, you are also provided with a default password which you can change when you login.

To log in to tbc wallet use this website www.tbc004.net.

The first thing you notice is the tbc wallet rule  that details what you need to be aware of. I employ you to read it and know what it is all about.

You will then be requested to enter your email address and your password (the default password or the one you have changed to).  Once you logged in, the tbc wallet looks like this:

tbc wallet

What then are the . . .

Parts of the TBC Wallet

TBC Web wallet consists of the following functioning parts:

Send TBC Section: This is the part that is use to send kringle to any other person that has tbc wallet address too. In comprises of the Address and Amount. The web address is a combination of 34 alphanumeric characters (e.g Tg2itWSq4AnLCJunhxxJFswVTC7wSxdBzA ). The address field is where the web address of the recipient of the kringle will be pasted. It is advisable to copy and past the address to avoid mistakes. The amount field is where you put the amount of kringle you are sending.

Your Account Section: At this section, you will see your wallet address, the Balance in TBC and the kringle equivalent too. To the right of that section you can see the equivalent of your balance in any currency of your choice.

The down part is the transaction history. It shows the date when the transaction is carried out, the amount, the transaction ID, the tbc wallet address of the recipient and the status of the transaction.

Remember it is against the TBC agreement to DISCOUNT tbc. Therefore do not discount.

Do you want to have you own tbc web wallet, then click HERE to have one.

To know more about tbc, click HERE

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