The Billion Coin Exchanger: Do we need it?

By | May 1, 2018

Do we really need the billion coin exchanger? Who will benefit from this and who is getting rich in the “Markets?” Very few!

Why is that? Because most have no idea how to navigate the “Markets” successfully, right? Who benefits from a Crypto-currency that is traded on an “Exchange?” The people that own the “Exchange” is the correct answer! Most of the “Traders” lose their money on the “Exchange!” If you don’t believe me, then let me pass on a little challenge to YOU! And TBC is not a market cap coin, therefore, at this point in time we do not need the billion coin exchanger.

I challenge YOU to tell me what the exact price of Bitcoin will be exactly 30 days from now. Can you do that? Can you even predict it within $10 of the Bitcoin Price exactly 30 days from now? If you are confident enough to say yes to that last question, would you stake your life on that answer? Of course not!

“Markets” are part of the problem in society; they reinforce the illusion of the artificial scarcity most people are trapped to live under. One Billion people live with Hunger; three to four Billion people live with extreme Poverty; and there are only seven Billion of us on the planet!

Why We do not Need the Billion Coin Exchanger Now!

Open your eyes to the big picture! If you are concerned that TBC WILL NEVER BE TRADED ON AN EXCHANGE, you have missed the entire point of WHY TBC was created in the first place! This coin has the power to change the world; it will lift all people out of poverty because it is founded on the principle of ABUNDANCE!

Humanity needs to grow up and mature into a healthy society where EVERYONE enjoys prosperity and abundance and TBC is leading the charge! Will you stand with us in this noble cause? Good people will answer yes, and I know evil people will say no to that last question because they are intoxicated on the “Kool-aide” they have been consuming!

Evil people only care about themselves; they look for ways to take advantage of others that only benefit themselves! TBC will repel evil people; so it is a good thing that the world is filled with mostly good people! Good people outnumbered evil people by at least a 100 to 1! Evil people run the world today and that is why the conditions of society are so horrific today. Good people must unite with other good people and do good works together; and TBC can fund all of those good works!

Look at the Current Price of TBC today. Now look at the Ultimate Price of TBC. Would you trade the value of the Current TBC Price for the Ultimate TBC Price? Of course you would! The good news is that that trade WILL happen over a relatively short period of time! The Current Price of TBC will not stop going up at a rate of 1% to 5% a day until it reaches that Ultimate Price! TBC has a predictable pricing formula that even a “Non-Trader” can understand! Buying TBC is easy and Selling TBC is easy too! We don’t need “The Billion coin Exchanger,” All we need is the website:

So this is the right time to join the community and be part of history the tbc is making. To find out more, click here

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