Cryptocurrency in Nigeria

By | April 20, 2018

cryptocurrency in nigeriaNowadays people don’t trust any online opportunity to get rich, because many of such offers are scams, that a case with tbc cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

And I respect your sentiment about it. But sometime, if you close you eyes for bad people to pass, you will still be slumbering while the good ones pass you by.

Do You know that a $1 investment in Bitcoin in 2009 worth 185 Bitcoins? But today, a bitcoins is over $8000 (which is $8000 x 185 x 300 in Nigeria Naira).

That is a lot of Money!

This is 2018 and another of such opportunity is here. It is called TBC (The Billion Coins). TBC is developed to eradicate poverty in the World.

A promotion is  on going now to be part of TBC community. All you need is register with your email address (preferably gmail).

So, once you registered and confirmed two links that will be sent to your email address after registration,  you are automatically rewarded 25,000 Kringles ($960) which grows every day until it reaches the ultimate price of 1 tbc which will equivalent to One billion Euro. And it is redeemable after the payment of $10 wallet fees.

Use this calculator to project the potential of TBC

Note: You are only paying ONE TIME Wallet fee of $10 to join. Just register with your email address, and allow it to grow. You are not forced to invest any kobo if you don’t want to. Just be a part of the community and you will be rewarded for that.

But you can take the opportunity of promo going on to become a billionaire. How? By purchasing $100 dollar kringle and you will receive a 100,000,000 cookies = 100,000,000 kringles = 1 TBC = 1 Billion Euro at maturity.

How Do I Register and benefit from Cryptocurrency in Nigeria?

It is simple. Register for TBC wallet by clicking the link below.

Register and get your free 25,000 kringle

Our life is full of abundance, scarcity is an artificial phenomenal created by the elites to enslave us. Now is your turn to be free of financial burden and live a life of abundance with TBC.

Once again, join  the millionaire and billionaire club by register HERE

Also, Find out more about TBC Here

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