The Billion Coin Scam, What is Your Take about it

By | April 16, 2018

the billion coin scamThe Billion Coin Scam is what I will be discussing in this post today. Many people want to know if the billion coin is truly a scam or not.

I will base my argument on the experience I had online to juxtapose if it is truly a scam or not. Before I go on: What is scam?

The word SCAM in this context is mostly associated with cyber fraud. According to

Scam is a fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt to obtain money or something else of value.

And Oxford Dictionary defines scam as “A dishonest scheme; a fraud”.

According to the two versions of what a scam is, a scammer is therefore somebody whose aim is to swindle an innocent people of his/her hard earned “MONEY” .

Just as I said earlier I will base my judgement on my experience. I have been scammed many times online and I know how they operate. Therefore . . .

The Billion Coin Scam Notion is Untrue

Yes my position on this is that tbc is not a scam. I have my reasons and if you have any other view, you are free to post it on the comment box below. Here are some of the reasons why I believe tbc is not a scam:

Scammers do not operate for long: One of the characteristics of a scammer or any scam site is that they don’t operate for long. What a scammer does is to lure people into parting away with their money with the promise of giving something. And they are so smart that you hardly recognize them if you are novice. When I started out looking for online opportunity, I came across some of them. I put my money in one particular online site with the promise of getting 50% increase in my money after one month, before the end of the month, I logged in to check my money. Alas! my account was blocked without any warning. So I lost all my money.

That is not all

Another method scammers employ is reinvest strategy. When you put your money into it, you will see it growing but when it is time to withdraw, you will be asked to reinvest it, and before you say Jack Robinson, the system will be restarted and you lose all your money in the process.

If you compare the mode operation of these sites to tbc, you will see that it is quite different. The billion coin has being operating since March 2016, and the TBC site is still operational. So this is one reason why the billion coin scam notion is not true.

The scammers are not trustworthy: Have you ever come across any scammer that is sincere and trustworthy? No! Once they promise to give you something, they will never fulfill that promise. They are all after your hard earned money and once you get into their trap, they quickly squeeze money out of you and disappear into thin air.

The billion coin admin on the other hand is nothing like that, its sincerity is second to none. Every promise made by tbc admin is 100% fulfilled. So tbc is not a scam.

Other Reasons are:

  • Scammers are self-center Whereas tbc admin is generous. Anybody can make money from it.
  • You hardly make or get anything from scammer, but with tbc, the sky is your limit because of the opportunity it has.

These are just few of the reasons why the billion coin scam insinuation is not true.

Just as I said before, if you have any contrary view, you  are free to share it by using the comment box below. For more info about tbc read this post


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