How to sell TBC in Nigeria Without Any Exchanger

By | April 15, 2018

How to sell tbc in Nigeria is not different from how it’s been sold in any other part of the world: PEER TO PEER.

Every cryptocurrency is designed for peer to peer transaction. The bitcoin, the etherium, and the host of others are exchanged peer to peer.

I know you want me to give you an exchange site where you can change your tbc for fiat money. But sorry, tbc  has not matured to that level. It is at the wealth creation stage. We are at the distribution stage of tbc, and that is where the money lies.

If you really what to make money with tbc, you need to wake up and look for buyer yourself. How do you do that, follow the following steps on…

How to Sell TBC in Nigeria Easily

TBC is a new crypto currency and its ideology is different from other ones. Its ideology is an abundance based. Its value is not determined by any market cap but by the number of verified members that joined the tbc community.  so do the following to make money

  • Encourage people to join tbc free here, because that is the driving force of the billion coin community. The more people that join, the higher the price of tbc. Let them know that when they join, they receive free 25,000 cookies. Then ask them to take advantage of the ongoing cooking reward to buy more (at least $100 worth of kringle)
  • If you are new and you don’t have enough tbc in your wallet,  make money by partnering with me and any purchase made by your referral will be shared 50-50. Click here to join my referral programme.
  • Tell your family members and friends about tbc and encourage them to buy kringles by refer them to mytbcbiz, that is another way on how to sell tbc in Nigeria.

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