TBC Coin One Million Question: Is there any buyer for ?

By | April 12, 2018

tbc coinThe question most people including some of the tbc members is who’s going to buy YOUR TBC coin?

Is there really buyer for tbc coin?

The short answer to that question is: “Anybody can, as long as they become a Member!” No doubt, that word of mouth will spread that abundance and prosperity will come to anyone who owns TBC coins.

Mathematically, there are 40 opportunities to double money from the initial price of 0.001 Euros to the potential Ultimate Price of 1,000,000,000.00 Euros. Jumping onto this train of doubling money is a great ride within any car on this train!

Do you think a person would be excited to pay $10 for a single TBC coin knowing that it has the potential of turning them into a Billionaire? Of course!

How about $100 per TBC coin? Yeah, still an AWESOME deal! Same is true at $1,000; $10,000; $100,000; and even $1,000,000! If the TBC community is thriving when the price hits a million dollars per TBC coin, then Millionaires will be lining up to buy TBC coins! They will be singing the song: “I wanna be a Billionaire” all along the way!

If you are a Stake Holder or Miner, the only concern you should have is:

What does it take to have a thriving TBC coin community?”

Simple! Lots of Buyers and Sellers! Both Stake Holders and Miners should make a daily effort to sell TBC coins. If they make a daily effort to sell, then buyers will be lining up to buy! Buyers tend to buy small amounts of TBC coins at first, to test the waters as they say. Then the addiction kicks in, as Buyers imagine all of their dreams coming true through TBC! Everyone wants to be rich and buying TBC coins is one of the easiest ways to make that happen.

Unwise Stake Holders and Miners won’t make the daily effort to sell TBC coins. Many of them will become TBC Millionaires before they wake up. Yes they are TBC Millionaires on paper, but they are not enjoying the lifestyle of a Millionaire! These unwise Stake Holders and Miners may find themselves to be extremely frustrated because they know that they are Millionaires and yet they have not developed any relationships to quickly sell their TBC coins.

We have made it easy to develop those relationships if you make a daily effort to transact with other TBC members all along the way and develop relationships of trust. For Example, let’s say that a Stake Holder buys TBC coins for less than a penny per coin and just sits on them and doesn’t even bother to log in to this website to build those relationships until the price hits $100 per TBC coin.

Then they log in and they place an order to sell 10 coins. Buyers at that time can see a long list of sellers that have established a good reputation and have a high rating in the User area of the website. Who is going to buy from a new seller that doesn’t even have one trade under their belt? See the problem? Would you send a $1,000 to someone you don’t know for 10 TBC coins if you cannot see any indication that you can trust that person? Of course not!

What should you do as Stakeholder of TBC Coin?

My advice to all of the Stake Holders and Miners is that they start selling some coins within 24 hours of buying them, or mining them. Then make a daily habit of selling some TBC coins every day after that! Then as a Seller you can collect the contact info of each Buyer all along the way and create a list of Buyers! Why? Because Buyers; BUY! Then when you are ready to cash in a large amount of TBC coins to give your lifestyle a boost, you can send out an email blast to all of your Buyers that you have collected over time. They can trust you because; you have already done some transactions with them. This is logical; RIGHT?

Let me tell you the truth! If you want to live the lifestyle of a Millionaire, you have to work at it! There is no such thing as a lazy Millionaire! TBC makes it easy for you to become a Millionaire on paper. But it is up to you to make the effort to turn that into the lifestyle of a Millionaire!

Final note:

The easiest way to build a positive rating within the Users area of the website is to play the role of the Buyer! So, buy some Stake while you can, before we sell out of it, and then start buying some additional TBC coins from the other Stake Holders to build up your rating fast! These particular relationships will be golden to you down the road! Connecting with other Stake Holders now could make your job of selling large quantities of TBC coins down the road a lot easier! Relationships do matter! If you mishandle anyone, the word will spread fast within this community! The golden rule applies! Just in case you don’t already know what the golden rule is, here it is: “Do unto others; as you would have them do unto you!”

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