TBC Coin, A Crypto-currency that will End Global Poverty


Hello Everyone. You are welcome to mytbcbiz.com.ng. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about tbc coin.

Also I shall be updating you on what is going on around the billion coin community.

Before you go on with anything, you need to READ THIS! It is very important that you know the agreement that is binding every member of the tbc community.


Now that you have read the TBC AGREEMENT, let talk about some facts about TBC:

Firstly, what is the philosophy of the billion coin? Why is it different from other cryptocurrency? Watch this video by the billion coin admin and discover how elites have brainwashed us with scarcity phenomenal. It is a MUST watch Video. Come and Live a life of abundance

Unfortunately, most people have literally been brainwashed into believing that scarcity is normal and acceptable! It’s not! The most natural thing is abundance, and humanity is being robbed of all of their dreams and aspirations. Can you relate to that? If by now, you have no idea what I’m talking about, then the elite have succeeded in your case in keeping you in the dark, completely unaware of what’s really happening.

What is the Solution?

This is the very first post here towards educating you, and I really don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about the problem; I’d rather talk about the solution. THEBILLIONCOIN is an answer for the masses. It has been designed to be an easy and simple solution to lift the poor out of poverty. Now you may not consider yourself to be poor right now, but let’s face it, you’re not a Billionaire, right? Would you like to be a Billionaire? Most would immediately say no to that question, and once again that would be another example of the mind control and conditioning you are under. The truth is: You don’t need a billion to be happy. But if you had a billion, you would have the power to also make a lot of others very happy, right?

How can we return the world to a state of abundance and prosperity?

Simple! We have to change everyone’s minds! It’s the only way. When everyone believes in abundance and prosperity for all, that’s when it will happen. There are many info-warriors out there doing the best they can to spread awareness, but not much has changed for the better. Motivating people to WAKE UP, is not an easy thing to do; perhaps if there was a billion dollar incentive to wake up to the good life, maybe that will work. Well THEBILLIONCOIN begins that experiment. All you need potentially is just one TBC coin to someday become a Billionaire because that is the highest the price will ever go for this coin based on the software formula driving the price of it.

How do you live a life of abundance with tbc coin?

One of the reasons for creation of the billion coin is to free people from the clutch of the “elites” and end poverty globally. The admin wants to produce ONE MILLION Billionaires and ONE BILLION  Millionaires.

How is that possible you ask?

Yes it is very possible. Right now 1 billion of billion coin is sitting with the admin to be distributed to people all over the world.

As you know, some will take it to be a SCAM, remember 10 years ago, some people considered bitcoin to be a SCAM too. But today, those that saw the prospect with it and followed the trend of event are now Billionaires and Millionaires. To know what I am talking about, here is  this man that is travelling around the world on $25 million profit from Bitcoin.

Read also about a man named Campbell Simpson who invested $25 in Bitcoin but lost hope and threw away the hard drive where he saved the login details; as at May 2017, his $25  investment was worth $4.8Million but unfortunately he no longer has access to the account as he already threw it away.

TBC is another of such opportunity. The TBC Admin is using the TRUSTED SELLER to distribute tbc wealth now. The early adopters of the coin are already making money selling it peer-to-peer. And it is not too late for you to join the league of Billionaires and Millionaire.

How to be a Member of TBC Community

  1. Register for a free billion coin Account, with a $10 wallet fee, and you will be given 25,000 cookies which is redeemable after the payment of $10 wallet fee ($213,839.75 as at the time of writing this post).
  2. If you want more tbc and take advantage of the cookie promotion that is ongoing, purchase kringle from TRUSTED SELLERS worth (40g of Gold equivalent to $100) and be rewarded with ONE full TBC cookies (1tbc = $8,608,462, today)
  3. Refer people (in group of 100) into the TBC coin community and be given a cookies of 10 full TBC which is redeemable through the month of May 2018.

tbc cookies


1 Cookie = 1 Kringle
100,000,000 Kringles = 1 TBC
1,000,000,000 Kringles = 10 TBC

THE NEXT REDEMPTION PERIOD BEGINS ON 1ST December till 31st January 2019.

The Billion coin is a long term investment sort of, but you can still make a lot of money now by partnering with trusted seller like me, and we split the money 50-50.

I am a trusted seller and I have plenty of tbc in my wallet. Be my partner, refer people to me and we will share the money into two equal parts: One for you and One for me. That is a win-win situation for two of us. Click here to be my partner.

How Do I make Money With TBC?

TBC is a new ‘baby’ or project and it’s currently at distribution/wealth creation stage. There are two ways you can benefit financially from tbc. The first way is to be an active member of the community. By that I mean vigorous promotion of tbc through social media,words of mouth or participate in daily broadcast.

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